3 Easy Steps: How to Take Professional Listing Photos Using Your Phone

3 Easy Steps: How to Take Professional Listing Photos Using Your Phone

Wednesday Sep 16th, 2020


You don't have to have a professional camera  to take amazing pictures of your home.

In today's market, most Home Buyers are starting their search online.  They want to see as many pictures as possible before visiting your home in person.

Let potential Buyers take a peek inside by taking professional photos using your phone with these 3-easy steps.

Step 1:  Open Concept

Even if you do not have an open concept floor plan, when you take your listing photos you want to show that there is a good flow from room to room.  One way to do that is to step back and take a photo of multiple spaces, like in our example above.  Where you place your furniture is also important  as well as how you place your accessories.  The example photo above shows a room that is well styled with minimal furniture and pops of color.  While you may not be selling a model home, you can work with what you already own by arranging it in a way that shows off what a great house you truly have.

Step 2:  Let the light shine in

Open all of the blinds and curtains, turn on all the lights.  You want your home to be as bright as possible when taking your photos.  If you have dark, heavy curtains, consider taking them down and just keeping your sheers.  You're going to want to turn off your camera's flash and only take pictures with the natural light and interior lighting.  For this reason, you need to avoid taking photos at night.  Take pictures during the day when there's the most light.

Taking pictures of the outside of your home actually look better when there is a cloudy day or a white sky.  If it's sunny, make sure that when you're taking pictures of the outside of your home, that you don't catch the sun's glare.  The best times to take photos of the outside of your home are a couple hours after sunrise and a couple hours before the sun will set.  

Step 3:  Step back, step up

When taking a picture of a room, you're going to want to stand as far back as possible.  For example, in the picture above, the photographer stood in a corner in the room giving him the best view of both the formal living room and sunken family room.

If you're taking a picture of a small space such as a bedroom or bathroom then you want to stand inside the doorway or just outside of the doorway when taking the shot.  Don't get the doorway in your photo so if you can see the doorway, then move in a little closer.  This tip will make even the smallest of spaces look larger.  Avoid taking horizontal pictures of smaller rooms, always make sure your phone is held upright.

Another tip to make a small room look bigger is by taking the photo while you are either on the ground or on a small step stool.  When taking a picture of a room, take it from multiple angles and use the one that shows off the room the best.

The same thing goes for taking pictures of your home outside.  You're going to want to take a picture on an angle.  Take a picture by sitting down and tilting your phone up looking at your home in the left most corner of your home.  After you do this on the left, then move over to the right and take a picture in the same manner.  

Make sure that you stand far back enough where you can see the ground and the sky in all of your exterior photos.  By sitting on the ground and tilting your phone up to take the photo, it will make your home look huge.  On the flip side, try not to take photos of your home head-on, it could make the home look smaller than it is.

The cameras on our smart phones have come a long way.  With these quick and easy tips, you will be able to capture your home to get Homebuyers through your door, placing an offer.

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